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Cable Management - Taming the Snake Pit

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I recall seeing an SNA post some time ago of a member's new hifi rack where someone commented on the really nice way the owner had neatly bundled his cables, with zip ties or velcro strips I think, along the vertical rear shelf supports. I remember it well and was really impressed (should have 'followed' or grabbed a copy of the pic).


With the addition of components, filters, reclockers, switches etc. the rear of my hifi rack/s looks really messy. Other than the basics of not running speaker or interconnect cables closely parallel to power cables it really is just navigate a path through the tangle when swapping or adding a new cable. Does anyone have a similar situation or even better a suggestion for a solution? Any pictures of how you have managed to tidy your cables up would be great.


Cheers, Mark


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I post this so that you can feel better about yourself for having messy cables! Active system with 8 channels of power amplification, with two 8 channel DAC's in the system (one for listening, one for measuring) ... it gets very messy very fast. 




Back of the SGR equipment rack. It has integrated cable management, but ... I don't use it. I probably should! 




I got tired of having all those cables running on the floor, so I hid them in some air cond ducting I found in Bunnings. This runs from the equipment rack on the side of the room to the amps in the front of the room. It all looks neat from the front ... 




... but don't look at the back! 



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Thanks @Keith_W - I think I do feel a little better ... I can see you have one cable running in the SGR cable management !!! 🤣 My situation is made a little worse as I have several (4 I think) Atlas Mavros GRUN cables for USB and Ethernet which each have a separate earth / ground cable running to a plug with only a ground pin sitting in a spare plug on a distribution board.

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