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Technics RS-TR212 stereo double cassette player

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Item Condition: Good condition, couple scratch marks
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Caulfield East
State: VIC
Payment Method: cash on pickup
Reason for selling: NLR

Further Information

In good working order other than for a slight issue with

Deck 2, where the eject button needs to be pressed in for longer, and the cassette drawer comes out very slowly unless manual assistance is used. 

Deck 1 - Auto tape select/series playback.

Deck 2 - Auto reverse, record playback.

Noise reduction B & C.

Weight 4.7 Kg.


20231012_151902.thumb.jpg.7d2fbb7e34a0d95392d9538f9627000b.jpg20231012_151908.thumb.jpg.1b9137e69104f3ad16e14ecc0f5cd5cf.jpg20231012_152004.thumb.jpg.d5b754b7837dafd684c505df0e84edaa.jpg20231012_151943.thumb.jpg.acedfe1e201f002082c3233f55edfe0c.jpg 20231012_153950.thumb.jpg.e6715fa7b89f797a9430dfff2f074461.jpg20231012_152040.thumb.jpg.2191e9d3b1d5587b0db555f48493e46f.jpg



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