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Linn Sondek LP12

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I have a Linn LP12 ( maybe late 80s model). Just installed a replacement circuit and now runs well.

Does anyone know what is missing re the hole under tone arm. Should there be a stabilising arm in this spot?

Not sure what to search for!


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4 hours ago, Michael Pronobis said:

I have a Linn LP12 ( maybe late 80s model).

Look at the back of your deck for the serial number and if it's not there then lift the platter and peek under there.

1 hour ago, Wimbo said:

Looks like a 70's model to me unless its been Nivaned/Vahallad.

Simple fix is to look up the serial number.


Pop the serial number into this calculator to get an idea of the year of manufacture... LP12


Also this.


1973 LP12 turntable introduced
[2,000] 1974, Main bearing liner changed, sub-chassis strengthened, motor control and mains switch changed
[23,000] 1978, Top plate modified (Linn claim Nirvana kit available this year)
[27,000] 1979, Lid and hinges changed
[31,826] 1981 February, Nirvana mechanical components
[38,794] 1982 May, Valhalla crystal driven electronic power supply made standard
[53,000] 1984, Enlarged plinth corner bracing
[54,101] 1984 June, sub-chassis strengthening bar epoxy glued instead of spot welded
[60,383] 1985 August, cap head screws on bearing housing
[61,090] 1985 September, diode modification to Valhalla
[n/a] 1985 December, strengthening blocks on corners of plinth
[n/a] 1986 Suspension springs improved
[n/a] 1986 May, new clear lid
[69,161] 1987 March, new formica and MDF armboard
[n/a] 1987 March, new bearing housing
[69,591] 1987 April, new springs
[70,000] 1987, Bearing improved with better lining material and tighter tolerances. Change to black oil. Suspension springs improved. Arm board composition improved
[79,160] New MDF armboard
[79,700] 1989, Motor thrust pad changed. Valhalla surge guard modification. PCB mains lead (UK)
[81,000] 1989, Harder suspension grommets fitted
[n/a] 1990, Lingo power supply available as add-on
[87,047] 1991, Valhalla with 45
[87,047] Motor thrust pad cap added to Lingo models
[87,206] Motor thrust pad cap added to Valhalla models
[87,672] Introduction of LP12 Basik, Trampolin available
[87,672] Solid base board replaces hardboard
[88,950] 1992, Improved top plate fixing
[90,582] 1993, Cirkus upgrade fitted as standard
[n/a] 2002, Maple plinth introduced adding to existing black, cherry, walnut, rosenut and afromasa options





Also you might find this informative 



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On 21/10/2023 at 5:55 PM, vivianbl said:

Good TT.
What model is the Grace Tonearm?

Your tonearm is either a Grace 727 or 747( my eyesight is not what it used to be)and from your pic, you are missing the anti skate weight (shared by 707,747 and 840 as far as I know)

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