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Some love for the Krix passive soundbar

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I gotta say, I'm impressed by this. I've always thought this was a potentially huge application that was being underserviced in our market.

Give me an AVR anyday over an "active" soundbar - they tend to lack enough inputs and outputs, and sound is always a compromise.


I've invested in an AMBEO soundbar for our main living area, which was replaced under warranty when it died. I still love the convenience (and output) of it but would still much prefer an AVR. I know what I will be replacing it with once it dies or becomes technologically redundant.


Good move Krix!

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Extremely skeptical of this thing (at this price) until I heard it at the show.


Sounds truly effortless at high volume and would look great mounted below a large screen. The tinkerer in me also loves that I can still play with amplification and subwoofers given it's passive.

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18 hours ago, TheBlackDisc said:

Yup - they need a new name other than ‘soundbar’.


Maybe ‘SoundRail’

We have been referring to it as a "Linear LCR" in a lot of our material, however we can't escape that people will be searching for, and referring to it as a "soundbar". Soundbars are largely described as boxes/cabinets with several speakers/drivers that sit below or in line with a TV or display. Some are active, some are passive.

Performance-wise it's a substantial leap above what people would expect from that term though. Once the demos had finished I constantly heard attendees say quite loudly - "that's not a soundbar!".... so I understand what you're saying.


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The LX-7 is tonally matched to all Krix surround and overhead speakers.

This statement was in the show announcement, but I suspect ignored by many people who still consider surround and overhead sound as mere effects (and put in something cheap !).   


I found that tonally matched home theatre speakers improved the movie experience.  It was not until I heard Hans Zimmer talking about creating a sonic architecture for movies that I understood why.


I was hearing a coherent audio presentation that represented what composers like Hans Zimmer intended.


While you can tonally match other brand speakers, easiest way is to look at Krix surround and overhead speakers when you consider the LX-7.


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51 minutes ago, nedrum said:

Krix actually did a demo of this with a Tiesto track that had a sound doing a loop around the room ("Boom", on Apple Music with Spacial Audio). Sounds great.

I agree that it is much easier to hear the coherence of tonally matched home theatre speakers with multi channel music (which I am a fan of).


And this coherence can be heard in Atmos movies such as Dune, Blade Runner 2049 and Mad Max: Fury Road, where the overhead speakers play a more prominent role.  

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