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An enjoyable afternoon spinning vinyl with the theme remasters, reissues and represses. Eclectic and interesting musical contributions, from prog rock to female vocals, male vocals, acoustic, jazz, soul, funk, classical and metal. As one of our more knowledgeable and erudite participants said, we were engaged in musical tourism.  He proceeded to play some grind core metal, the outcome of which was a quip by another guest that the beautiful thing about tourism was that you don’t have to go back. 

Mainly vinyl with a couple of interesting CDs (especially some great covers of Beach Boys songs by US band Papa Doo Run Run on an album called the ‘California Project’). 

Sound quality at the higher level with the Thorens TD124DD doing the business and the Devialet Expert Pro 1,000s bi-amping and letting the Paradigm Persona 7Fs do their amazing thing. To my mind the best tracks were from Dead Can Dance ‘Into the Labyrinth’ (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab - Reissue and Remaster).

Kransky hot dogs, chilli pork crackle, craft beer, Greek wine and coffee helped get us through the afternoon. 



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