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SOLD ELSEWHERE: ATI AT528NC - 8 Channel 200WPC multi-channel amplifier

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Item Condition: Used
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Lower Plenty
State: VIC
Payment Method: Money
Reason for selling: NLR

Further Information


ATI AT528nc - 8 Channel 200WPC Amplifier.


ATI produces amps for Trinnov, Monoprice, Outlaw as well as having their own line. This is an 8 channel Hypex NC500 based amp, using dual linear supplies. Identical specs Trinnov 8m which ATI produces for Trinnov and retails for USD10,000 / AUD15,000 (Hypex, dual toroidal linear supplies, 200WPC into 8, 300WPC into 4, 120db SNR, >90db crosstalk, 36kg shipping weight, etc).


  • AT528NC specs (and Trinnov 8m specs for comparison)
  • Retail price in the US USD3995
  • 240V 
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with box and power cord
  • Heavy - 36kg


In perfect working order. For full SNA disclosure on this one - depending on the phase of the moon sometimes in a quiet room I can hear a little transformer hum, and at other times there is none. Might just be the power in my street, YMMV.


Auditions are more than welcome. And I make good coffee.


No longer required as my HT requirements have grown - I need more channels and less amplifiers.


Recently got a quote with Transdirect to ship to QLD, was around $120 for 36kg+5kg forkliftable pallet. I can lift it myself into the truck, but would require a tailgate at the receiver or you to remove from truck (I'd recommend just justting it off the pallet).





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I believe that sometimes the mains waveform can become distorted with all the switchmode power supplies  in use and this can cause toroid transformers to buzz or hum, nothing to worry about.

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