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Unusual problem with IFI phono pre to Willsenton R8 .

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     Just purchased an Origin Live Resolution tt that I have connected to an IFI black 3 phono pre to anR8 integrated amp. 
First time playing it sounded fantastic. However the first time turning the tt off produced a loud pop in the speakers and the phono pre was dead. Sent it back to IFI who told me it had shorted out. They repaired it and sent it back. First time hooking everything back up (tt to phono to R8) turning the tt off once again fried the tt ??? Have contacted Origin Live who have never heard of such a problem? Their only suggestion is that it may be an impedance problem between the phono pre and the R8 ? Have written to Willsenton but so far no response ? Has anyone ever had such an experience or have any idea what may be the cause ? Sitting here with my dream tt I can’t use. 
Thank You for any advise.

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It sounds like your problem maybe related to the TT motor. Have you had that checked out? I assume it's currently dead. If it's working try turning it off last with everything else switched off first prior (R8 followed by phono pre and then TT motor). Have you tried a different power point to eliminate that as a possible cause? The power switch on the TT motor when being switched off sounds like the culprit with its loud pop sound being redirected back into the speakers. Try also switching the TT motor off by way of the power point switch to see if that helps.

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