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Dirty sound out of Rotel RSP 1570

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Hey guys, my Rotel was swimming along perfectly fine and then one day it decided to start playing everything with significant levels of distortion.

The sound is really bad regardless if its Stereo or DTS or whatever sound format processing.


I have it connected up to my computer via optical cable (so the RSP does all the processing) but I have also tried AUX in and I'm getting distortion also and some other weird issues.


I had to bring out my ancient RA930AX which does the job.

Does anyone have / solved the same problem, any pointers?

Much aprecaited


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3 hours ago, Wimbo said:

I'd take it to a Service Agent and get a quote.

Contact Interdyn on 03 94263600 for the closest service agent.

Second that. No amount of advice here can diagnose over the internet exactly what the issue is. 

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9 minutes ago, lux interior said:

Thanks Guys, im actually based in Sydney,

Unsure I want to take it to see if it will get fixed, seems old and parts may not be available.



Well you don’t know until you ask a technician. It could be as simple as a good clean or a service which will bring the amplifier to its original specifications. 
You have to be realistic with questions. members here can only do so much to diagnose and even then if you don’t have electronics expertise, what would be the point. As you are unable to fix it yourself. 
Have a look on hifi shark how much this rotel goes for and if it’s less than say $300 or if it’s a very good model, yes even rotel made some good amplification in its day.  Then consider your options. 

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