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TDL home theatre set-up

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Item Condition: Good
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Eight Mile Plains
State: QLD
Payment Method: PayPal Family & Friends, COP
Reason for selling: No longer required

Further Information


Consists of TDL RTL 3 fronts, TDL Nucleus 1 surround speakers and CCS centre speaker. No subwoofer required!

British manufactured and a star in their day.  Hybrid reflex transmission line design, with great bass extension (down to 30Hz). 
The foam plugs for the transmission line ports on the front of the speaker have perished but are inconsequential to output. The grille of the centre speaker has perished but has been replaced with a piece of foam to protect the drivers from dust etc. 

"Transmission Line loudspeaker systems incorporate a complex and potentially expensive method of reproducing lower bass frequencies than other speakers of a similar size. This bass is open and unrestricted, in a manner simply not achievable from conventional sealed box speakers."

TDL RTL 3 (bi-wirable) floor standers

Enclosure Type: 2-way reflex transmission line loading

Recommended Amplifier: 20 - 120 Watts

Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20kHz

Crossover Type: Electrical 2 way second order network

Sensitivity: 90dB

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms

Drivers: 1 x 19mm soft dome ferro-fluid cooled
2 x 172mm loaded polypropylene cone with forward roll rubber surround & phase plug - long throw double wound coil on kapton former with bump back magnet yoke

Dimensions: 200 x 888 x 375mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Weight: 21kg 

Year: 1993

Original grilles are available, and I will upload photos later. The fabric has come away at the sides of the frames in a few places. I will re-glue these when I have time.

TDL Nucleus 1 surround speakers (or bookshelf): 

Bookshelf 2-way stereo speakers, 26 cm high.

Infinite baffle design, 50watts, 8ohm impedance, 86db sensitivity.

 Speaker terminals facilitate bare wire or banana plugs.

Original removable grilles in good condition with badges intact.

Beautiful vinyl veneer enclosures, Black Sand textured.

TDL Nucleus CCS centre speaker

See photos of documentation for specs. Like the RTL 3 fronts, it is a transmission line speaker. 20220326_133328.thumb.jpg.8b45b567d3e18a23b803e515932fec28.jpg20220326_133334.thumb.jpg.c1b8c2500ece98e2c9e4129834ae57c1.jpg20220326_133338.thumb.jpg.c39b1b8693795d32e2d828134e586001.jpg20220326_133444.thumb.jpg.5954bad69cb6f139b96f1ba3a99d22ab.jpg20220326_133457.thumb.jpg.c263ef427360d4a850dd723753cf294a.jpg20220326_133558.thumb.jpg.69df5037dd8d7b53540c4c674d115eae.jpg20230502_132400.thumb.jpg.651a4f59c1b3eb9f9955212804882351.jpg20230502_132410.thumb.jpg.86e1fc5105d60b2d62a7c6086944cdeb.jpg20230502_132415.thumb.jpg.178d4e740a50b1339fec7d5d3535aa14.jpg20230502_132436.thumb.jpg.a8b78fc7111f1895c0ec0ad0e7977fd7.jpg20230502_132444.thumb.jpg.fe2405dfe9dfc2e2ac652cb46523c785.jpg20230502_132521.thumb.jpg.cb45391c6efb1b380c827d18176b65f7.jpg20230502_132532.thumb.jpg.a3a99bce8c6033ad428a6a19996f44af.jpg20230502_132541.thumb.jpg.d13084f5f1bed98e85c38d1586a839fd.jpg20230502_132609.thumb.jpg.e17341a468149f5de95e4b446132b26a.jpg20230525_121236.thumb.jpg.bea6467230ae0e8f38c48cbadbcd463d.jpg20230525_121244.thumb.jpg.b7fce5350bc32e48412729c7740963f0.jpg20230525_121251.thumb.jpg.2bd3dad5fc7dc3e338e0f2eb76b833a9.jpg20230525_121312.thumb.jpg.73f287f9a6cdc3cd9c7762d4a0ffd753.jpg20230525_121356.thumb.jpg.d44a65bcafff8e43c0b1d245ab0ccc4b.jpg20230525_121413.thumb.jpg.f7c3c95df37fc9b1fe2e0e282d41d669.jpg


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