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Hi there, I have been on this journey ever since 1975.  Whilst my current setup is not the end game system, I am very happy where it is at. However I am having a issue with my Rythmik F12se sub, where the sub thumps when turning on. After it turns on it is fine.  I am currently having conversation with Rythmik to solve this issue. Hope to have this solve shortly fingers crossed.

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Hello David. Welcome aboard.

More often than not HiFi or Home Theatre equipment will have a capacitor (usually ceramic) across the power switch terminals. In layman's terms it softens the sudden kick of the AC mains being applied to the unit. They can (albeit rarely) go faulty and when switching on you might hear a "crack" or "thump" at turn on. It certainly wouldn't hurt to discuss this with Rythmik. Your device may not even have this cap in circuit but it's worth investigating. I had a similar issue with a Luxman amplifier. Replaced the cap and problem solved. Good luck.

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Thank you AvSat44.  Will defineately talk to Rythmik regarding the switch and possible capacitor. Very much appreciated.  I really want this to be solved. They think it might be DC offset.  Checked values as far and they are very low.  Still waiting advice from Rythmik where to next.

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