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I introduce myself

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I,m not so young a fan of HiFi, my interest started at about the age of 8 (50 years ago, sigh!!).

In all these years I've listened to a huge amount of items, both possessing them and the most listening them in audio fairs/shows, retailers demos, and of course friends' sets.

Of course my set has changed so many times it's not easy to describe, perhaps the same way my tastes (anf finance) were changing too.

At the present time my set is a mix of modern (AV the most) and vintage apparates: 

2 turntable, a Thorens TD320 customized with a Grace G840F arm (i use to do myself this kind of operations and also some repairs) and a Philips AF887mkII. These are equipped with a lot of cartridges: Shure V15III and IV, M75ED, Audio Technica AT13EA, AT12Sa, Ortofon 2MBlue, Denon DL110,... too many... also with a lot of original NOS and high quality compatible styli. (At the moment only 2 TT are in my set, but in certain times I had 7-8 TT, that's partially the reason of such a lot of carts).

3 CD Players: Denon DCD2700 (BB1702), Yamaha CDX630E (Philips TDA1541A), Philips CD751 (TDA1549T) ... Ok, I prefer multibit sound as you see

2 3head cassette deck, a Technics RS85B and an Aiwa AD-F880

1 AV Amp a Yamaha Aventage RX-A860 that drive only the center and surrond speakers and is connected via pre-out to the next amp for the front channel; also operates as streamer for Qobuz and personal NAS 

1 HarmanKardon HK990, driving the front ch. speks. via Main input in the AV configuration (operating as a power amp) and is connected to the main sources (CD and Thorens) to operate as as an integrated amp

The front (main) speakers are 2 Acoustic Research AR98LS (also available Canton CT1000 and Yamaha NS-300X when I want a different sound); for AV speakers 2 Canton Plus S (rear) and a AV700 (center).

Other sources as BD player, HD AV media center, other hifi pieces (pre amps, small speakers) etc and of course a 55" SAMSUNG QE55QN700A NQLED 8K Tv-set (55" is the max size allowed to respect the current forniture...).

I hope this is enough to earn just a little consideration as a sincere HiFi Fan and be allowed to the full operativity in your wonderful community, as I like to exchange news and experiences with other fans all over the World.

My best (sounding) regars



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