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Hello from Catalonia (Spain)

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I have believed in the magic of music since I can remember, my first salary was used to buy me a Lenco L-75 turntable, a JVC amplifier and some JBL speakers... and little by little I have become obsessed with the search for the perfect sound. ...like the crusader knights in their search for the "Holy Grail"
It may be that one of these days, my wife, tired of me telling her that I won't spend more and that this is the last piece of equipment I will buy..., invites me to spend the next few nights in a motel and immediately asks me for a divorce. .
Anyway, just kidding, about my wife... but I think you'll agree with me, that high resolution is completely addictive, a lot of zeros to get a small improvement that justifies the investment and makes us feel like we're almost touching the darling.
I hope I can learn many things from all of you, because I only know that today, after a few years of tinkering, I know almost nothing.
Sorry for my English translated by Google
Health and love in your lives friends

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