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Greetings from central Melbourne!

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Good afternoon all - greetings from central Melbourne!

Have been an avid collector of AV equipment for many decades - vintage to modern, record to FLAC. Used to tinker with home theatre equipment back in the day, but now more of a classical listener and have tailored my listening area as such.


Currently running a Martin Logan Quest to a full Nakamichi 7-series stack (PA7ii etc)..... but nowadays most playback comes from my FLAC library via a Topping D10S! Funny how we get fixated on what we believe is the "gold standard" only to have those ideals blown away years later. Maybe the ears aren't as good as they used to be.... or maybe the ABX tests are lying (I tell myself that from time to time!)?


Looking forward to chatting more with all of you and seeing what the future holds for our hobby.

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