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Disc Playback Out of Phase?

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Hello there


I've been a very happy owner of a Cambridge Audio Azur 752BD universal disc player for several years. Recently, I've noticed that disc playback (CD and SACD) is playing out of phase. This is via both analogue RCA and coaxial s/pdif outputs.


The cables have been checked, re-checked and re-re-checked several times. I've brought my old Sony blu-ray player in from the home theatre and that plays everything in phase with the same cables and discs. I've tested different discs. I've even tried changing power cables out of sheer desperation.


I'm stumped. Any ideas what might be causing this issue? Or is it time to say goodbye to this unit?



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I've now tested blu-ray audio discs as well. Same issue.


But, I just tried using the 752BD as a stand-alone DAC. Same issue.


So that means happening when using the player as transport only (coax out, bypassing the internal DAC) and when using the internal DAC (analogue out and coax in).


So it must be an issue with wiring or something else. Does this sound right?

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I'm assuming that you mean one channel is out-of-phase with the other rather than it doesn't play in absolute phase. There are two options at least—wiring or firmware.


Have you just discovered this or is it new?


Do you know if the firmware has been updated recently?


If it's new behaviour and no update has occurred then repairs are indicated.


If the update has occurred then maybe that's the cause. You could try and check if re-doing the update (or possibly reversing it) fixes the matter. Checking with Cambridge is a good idea.


If 'just discovered' is the case then you can reverse the positive and negative connections in one cable from the player to pre-amp. A little soldering should do the job.



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Thanks for your response Greg. To be honest I haven't updated the firmware for years as I haven't had it connected to the network.


I pulled the trigger on an unused 751BD in the classifieds today from @Dacman so if I can do the suggested repairs I have a pretty good backup. 😄

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