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Sisu on 4k uhd blu-ray

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Sisu on 4k uhd


set in northern most lapland during end of WW2 with the german army onslaught moving through...they encounter Aatami....and what he has to protect...

its set in some stunningly beautiful country... and in a period that is flush with colour for about 2 weeks of the year.... while on 4k the detail isnt much to speak off .. so the blu-ray for this is likely plenty .. the sound track is dts-hd so upmixes well, but not a main feature of the movie...

the story line and scenes and action is ... its got a Tarantino feel to it.. think inglorious Basterds ... and it can be pretty brutal ....

i took most of shots on fly below for some clues ...so apologies if some are touch on blurry side with the movement onscreen.. didnt realise till was done that with a pause the menu does disappear... :D





















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You'll need a strong stomach to watch this one !

It's a great movie.

But on the other hand, it has the most gore in any movie that I have seen.

Watch out for the land mine scene!

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5 minutes ago, muriwai said:

Best place to buy?

unfortunately no good answer 🤷‍♂️


prepare your self ... if want to buy as a us import ...amazon au has severely jacked things up lately i have noticed ! 

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