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Another South African enthusiast intro

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Hi StereoNET moderator and community 🙂

I'm Hein, from Germiston, South Africa.

My interest/passion in 'Better Audio Reproduction', started some (nearly) 50 years ago - Dark Side of the Moon reproduced through (my Uncle's) Koss headphones, driven by a B&O 'Front End'... Mind blown!, hooked for life 🙂

In High School, pursued a hobby in 'Audio Electronics' - building amplifier circuits, a couple of turntables, and cobbling together loudspeakers, in the pursuit of 'Lifelike Audio Renderings'... 😅🤣😂

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering; found employment as a recording/broadcast engineer. I became fascinated with how mechanical, electro-mechanical and acoustic energies could interact with electronics and transducers. Eagle Audio and SoundStructures were born out of this fixation/passion/compulsion to 'get closer' to 'the REAL thing' - all driven by my love of music.

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Hello Hein

Welcome to sna.

 I’m a former customer of yours and have 2 of your eagle audio stands in my system that emigrated along with me. Bought from Hi fi excellence in Alberton.

Good to see you here.



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