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How’s it going?

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How’s everyone going?


I’ve always been into music, but never really understood how clear, concise and euphoric music could be.

My introduction to hifi, or so I thought, came through purchasing a Sonos Era100 stereo pair with a mini sub. Although very clear and bassy with some form of sound staging, I later found out I hadn’t actually heard proper hifi. The sonos did start me on my hifi path though. 

My first real taste of hifi came with the purchasing of pair of Focal Clear OG headphones, streaming Tidal Hifi/MGA audio through an Atom DAC and Schiit Vali 2 Tube Amp. With this set-up, although admittedly not TOTL gear, I finally had my first taste of proper hifi and learnt what proper stereo imaging and sound stage could sound like.


I’m now on the hunt for pair of bookshelf or floorstanding speakers, likely from the 80s to early 00s, along with a tube amp and turn table, with the goal of setting up somewhat of a listening room to hear some proper analog hifi. 

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I’ll have a look into the KEF’s, I’ve had a bit a of look at their stuff before but there’s so much out there it’s a hard call?


I’ve seen some Axis LS88 and Von Schweikert VR4s from the 90s for relatively cheap, so unsure if they’d be overkill or not.

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