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getting a new soundbar to work with my old TV

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I've put up with ordinary sound from my old Kogan TV for years (KALED42UHDYA), but recently splurged on a Panasonic 3.1 soundbar/sub (SC-HTB700).

I can't seem to get the sound from the TV through the soundbar 😞


I've connected HDMI 1 on the TV to the soundbar AV OUT/TV(ARC) connection - (the TV manual on the Kogan site says this is an ARC connection)

I've selected ARC "on" in the TV, and the TV speakers disconnect, but no sound comes from the soundbar when the "TV" input is selected on the soundbar.


I have a DVD player connected to the soundbar on AV IN/HDMI 1, and it works as expected - video displays on the TV and audio comes from the soundbar.


Even though the Kogan manual says HDMI 1 is an ARC connection, it doesn't say that on my TV's HDMI port 😞






In the TV settings I can turn ARC on and off - but with ARC turned "on" the TV speakers turn off and nothing comes through the soundbar 😞


Of course my soundbar has an optical SPDIF input, but my TV only has a coax SPDIF output... 😞😞😞...

...I thought I was on a winner when the Kogan TV manual said HDMI 1 had ARC...


Any tips?





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1 hour ago, playdough said:

Hi Mike

Does the soundbar only have digital in ?

No line input ?

No headphone output on the TV ? 

Just a thought.


only digital in - HDMI or Toslink optical

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Could be HDMI compatibility between TV and soundbar?   


Or more likely ARC handshake between the boxes ? ARC and eARC  are a PITA, especially when 1 box is old.  Suggest checking manuals of both boxes; there is often more than 1 setting to get things to work.  To make things worse, every vendor will do things slightly different, using their own terminology!  Unfortunately, it is a matter of trial and error to find out what can work... 😠  

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yeah mixing old and new is always a challenge!


I've taken the "get as much working as possible" option - plugging the Blu-ray and the Firestick into the soundbar - now only "free to air" content on the TV has cr@p sound...which I can put up with 🙂


Thanks for your responses!



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