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Matt - New member Introduction

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Hello to the other members here.


I think I have inherited my dads passion for good sound and Hifi in general. I remember dad constructing his own loud speakers when I was young, and admired his excitement of listening to them for the first time.


I have recently been putting together my own system for my small apartment in Perth. It consists of a pair of Genelec G5 speakers, a Weiss DAC 501 Mk2, Cardas Clear beyond XLR interconnects, Cardas Clear power to speakers and DAC. At the moment I am interested in buying a Grimm MU1 Network Steamer as I use Roon (Tidal/Qobuz) for my music. I don't have an ethernet connected Roon core at present, so currently have it installed on my Macbook Pro connected by WiFi into my network. I connect My Weiss DAC501 via ethernet and use it as my roon endpoint/renderer.


I am interested to hear if anyone has any impressions on pairing a Grimm MU1 with Weiss DAC501 and how they found it. There are numerous reviews and forum comments around about how well the Grimm pairs with may other DAC's (in particular the Tambaqui); but very little (other than a Steve Huff review) about pairing it with a Weiss.


Look forward to communicating with others in the future :).


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