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Pioneer Ct-91a

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Wrap it in bubble wrap , enclose it in a garbage bag , tape the bag to stop water getting in it , use polystyrene on all four corners top

and bottom if you don't have any just ask on facebook people will give it to you free. Use a sturdy box take pictures of the packing in case you need to claim on it I would use Australia Post at least they offer insurance 

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Nice.  I've got the matching Tuner and they certainly are well built.  And very handsome units.  Will you be listing it on the Classifieds here?


Assuming you don't have original packing materials, I usually start by placing the item in a large, soft plastic bag and taping it closed.  Then I completely wrap the item in bubble-wrap making sure that every surface is covered by at least two layers and there is enough bubble-wrap layers to prevent any corners from protruding.  Then place the wrapped item in a double-wall cardboard box with additional packing material (styrene foam, tightly crumpled newspaper, etc.) around the item to ensure it cannot move inside the box.

If you only have a single-wall cardboard box, then put that box into another cardboard box with extra packing material to prevent movement if necessary.

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Thanks very much , having bought it new I thought I might have transit screw/template kicking round for the internals but neither instruction/service manuals can help. Had the CD player and would’ve liked tuner but couldn’t afford. If you had the amp would’ve been best one-brand system ever








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Sorry , forgot to mention will be listing along with remnant analog gear in a couple of weeks. Is the Sony micro cassette worth anything ? 








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