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Once Analog Corian Turntable & Extras

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Item Condition: Very good
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Gillieston Heights
State: NSW
Payment Method: PayPal, Direct Deposit.
Reason for selling: I have not used this in years, it has sat idle. Want to move on to someone who will use it properly.

Further Information




I have finally decided to sell my Once Analog Turntable due to having not really used it in years. If you are un-familiar with the Once brand, it was made by a local Australian manufacturer Vince Hamilton and has for a number of years ceased operations.


I originally delved into the higher end audio world around 2011/2012 and after having seen this model at the Sydney Audio Club around that time I contacted Vince and bought it directly from him either at the end of 2012 or early 2013. The Corian model I have, to my knowledge, was a one-off as I think Vince decided it was either harder to work with or a cost related issue in making more like this. But seeing as this was around 10 years ago, the details are a little fuzzy.


I probably was/am a tad out of my depth in running and owning a turntable like this and the fact I have not seriously used it in a long time, I want to sell it to someone who will appreciate it more and actually use it.


I am open to having inspections, but it is not setup correctly calibration wise and could probably do with a check over for optimal running/lubricant. For serious buyers that aren't hours and hours away, I would also be willing to personally deliver the table. I am about two hours or so outside of Sydney, so would consider that type of distance. Shipping would likely be expensive as it is quite heavy and I'd worry about sending it through the post.


The price listed is probably on the higher end, I am unsure what kind of interest there will be for this and having not been researching or kept up with the community unsure on pricing. I am open to offers and negotiation.

The table is in very good condition and is how I received it, but has been sitting idle for a long time. I noticed today that on the white tonearm cable, the plastic casing has fallen away a little. But that is all that appears to have changed.


As per the photos, everything you see is included:

- Once Corian Turntable

- Rega RB300 Tonearm 

- Once speed box controller

- Once record Clamp/weight

- Perspex Cover

- ME RIAA Pre-Amp

(Which was provided/bought through Vince. It’s an ME moving magnet preamp designed in the early 2000s, which received spectacular reviews at the time but ME stopped building them as they became too expensive to build within their price bracket.)

- Garrett Brothers Koala K2 Cartridge (Although this is a pretty cheap cart that I had on a previous cheaper table, I had always intended to upgrade it, but never ended up getting to)

- Stylus Pressure Gauge (Bought separately myself, I think it was between $100-$200 at the time, but cannot remember)

- Oil (Came with the table when Vince delivered it)

- Brush


As a bonus, I have a small record collection I may offer a choice for a couple to be included with the table if the person likes any.


Review/Writeup about Once (I am unsure if there are differences in the build to what's reviewed here, but I imagine it is the same pretty much.)


https://www.stereonet.com/au/reviews/once-analog-record-player-mk-ii#:~:text=So%2C the Once Analog is,only some%2C are direct competitors.

Thank you.













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