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Fixing a ClearAudio tonearm that drops too fast

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Hi everyone,


I own a ClearAudio Emotion Turntable, with a Satisfy tonearm. Currently, the tonearm cueing mechanism drops faster than it should and I'm looking into fixing this.


Based on what I've read online, I need to add dampening oil to the cueing mechanism via a syringe. I'm thinking of using 300cSt silicone oil.


Do I just remove the screw shown below and add the dampening oil via the syringe? 


Any help and words of advice would be greatly appreciated!






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Posted (edited)
16 hours ago, PhonoFix said:

This is what I use in these situations. 



Oh wow - from what I was reading online I thought I had to go with a 300 - 500 cSt oil, but the one you use is 300,000 cSt?


EDIT: Looks like I might have misread, it was 300-500k, so thats what I might need, thanks for pointing it out 🙂


I'm worried about potentially causing more issues by trying to fix it, given that Greg had to disassemble the entire cueing mechanism and clean out the old oil prior to re-lubricating it. The Satisfy tonearm unfortunately doesn't seem as easily serviceable as something like a Technics tonearm. Hmm, maybe it's worth leaving for a full service down the line.

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