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Trafomatic Eos balanced kt120 tube power amp.

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Item Condition: Very good.
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Perth
State: WA
Payment Method: paypal - EFT
Reason for selling: Excess -priced to sell
Reduced again.
Come on someone try it, happy for local demos in your system to try and see that its a really very good amplifier and the power output is huge.
Freshly serviced and all tubes checked - bias corrected and reports created. Sounds amazing and serviced by Stephan under guidance from Saska from Traformatic (Stephan who is a wonderful tube technician in Perth. Comes with 2 new large kt120 tubes and 4 smaller ones and a but of fine tuning here and there too to make it sound as Is should once released by the factory plus originals which are also in good shape.
Have removed old black E AND S letters on front ( one fell of and cannot locate)  and have new silver letters for the front but a bit bigger than originals so have left off for new owner to choose. *Full transparency old letters left glue mark but will clean off I think if you don't place new ones over the top.
Manuals and wooden crates.
Awesome tube amplifier with matching pre also listed. Massive price reduction from new. 
RRP$16595 for power amp ( just superseded by kt150 version) 4 years old but no used for 2 years. Light use before.
 The EOS power amplifier is 100 watt dual mono push-pull using well known KT120 output tubes
 High end , high quality sound, 2 box power amp and power supply. Heavy as anything. I have the solid wooden original crates so shipping can be arranged (at the purchaser's cost and risk). But the packing materials are solid , wood crates and moulded interiors so no issues.
Sorry photos make it look a but dusty.













    Music is a gift coming from the source or sources we’re yet to determine and understand. The true high-end audio pursuit should have been and was always a close movement that brings us as close as possible to the music. The way it was intended to be heard. And this is the real magic we often heard or being talked about.
    Trafomatic Audio EOS power amplifier is matured product and a refined work of constantly evolving pursuit. Its evolutional in its urge of creating a viable music reproduction, that can touch the core of the human being and affect the listener. Long forgotten art is safely in the hands of right people and Saša Čokić is thankfully among few of them.
    At the given price Trafomatic Audio EOS power amplifier represent something special and worthy of designation. Its stands on its own and represent one of a fewer true musical machines. Partner it well with preamplifier of musical and true flow and you’re close to what eastern world relate to the nirvana :).
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