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A bit about myself

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So where to start well I grew up playing guitar I started when I was 6 I've always loved to play music I also play the drums and the sax but as of late I've gained this new passion for how good I can make music sound and the products today have blown my mind I'm constantly wanting to upgrade I was asking around hifi shops for anywhere to sell my old equipment as I'm getting a bit of a build up and upgrading ain't cheep so someone recommended stereonet so I thought I'd join you guys I'll be looking to buy and sell if you would so kindly approve me 

Thankyou for you time 

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Great intro Ryan. The classifieds will open up for you once you have participated a little on the boards. For now, go explore the different subs and maybe post questions or comments on a thread or two to get the feel of things. You'll be able to advertise your stuff, or buy from others, in no time.

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