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Yamaha PF-800 turntable

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Item Condition: Good
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: West End, Brisbane
State: QLD
Payment Method: Cash, PayID, Paypal
Reason for selling: New project

Further Information

I purchased this table only very recently from a seller in Tasmania. 
It arrived and straight away I gave it a service and some mods. 

* A brand new belt from Germany

* A clean out and refill of fresh silicone for the arm queueing mechanism

* A clean and re-lube of the main bearing using quality oil designed for turntables

* A thorough cleaning inside and out

* A gentle polishing of the platter to restore its luster. 


It also received a full arm rewire with 100% silver tonearm wire. This is 150cm in length and fitted with silver contact Eichmann style RCA plugs and silver cartridge plugs. Please note, this mod required removal of the head shell and arm 4 pin contacts inside so the one continuous run of silver wire could pass through. 

This modification alone, as with similar mods on many other arms, yielded significant improvements in sound as several connections between the cart and phono stage were removed from the very small and delicate phono cartridge signal path. The cable alone was just under $200 plus the RCA plugs. 

This table is held in legendary regard by many despite (or because of) its unusual arm and because of how good it performs. I’d modified my Rega RP40 extensively and yet, this proved the better table. The auto lift and stop and the pitch adjustment for each speed add a high degree of convenience also. It certainly holds it own at the front end of a nice and relatively pricey Cyrus Signature and Mordaunt Short Performance system. 

I’m very happy with it and told everyone I was keeping it. As things go however, I’ve found a rather special tonearm I’m going to base my next project on and I only have room for one table. 

Also to note,

* The Rega Ania Pro cartridge and Gaia footers are not included.
* The cover has a crack at the rear on one corner. The previous owner had spot fixed it with some CA glue and it’s holding well. The lid could do with a polish and that was the next thing to do if I was keeping this. 

* While being advertised now, I will be overseas between Wed 24 Aug and Mon 18 Sept (3 weeks). I’ll have access to these forums and will answer any enquiries though in the meantime. I’m happy to demo and ship upon my return. 


I’ll include a UK made protractor made specially for this arm to Yamaha specifications. I’m not sure of the alignment type but it works well with excellent tracking across the whole side. 

Should shipping be required, the table will be packaged with its delicate nature in mind, including the suspension and arm locked appropriately and the platter removed from the spindle. 




























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