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Help ! Radio Paradise on Auralic Aries ?

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Hey guys, for the life of me I can’t figure how to get Radio Paradise FLAC to play on my Auralic Aries (femto) .

It plays the low rate stuff via the DS app. Have downloaded the RP app onto my iPad. 
If someone could help me out here, it would be appreciated. Maybe someone in the same boat, equipment wise.



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Yes, some stations can be tricky like this using the Auralic + Lightning DS.


The 'low rate' you mention is the 192 bitrate, right? From the ROCK station selection in the DS app, going down to 'United States', then alphabetically to Radio Paradise?


The only other way I have found to play internet stations via the iPad is to bring up the station on a browser, and cast to the Auralic device using Apple Airplay.


While the music is playing on your iPad, swipe down from the top right corner, look in the top right part of that mini screen and see the casting icon there:



Select your device--and then you're playing from your main system.


This Apple Airplay is limited to CD quality sound but it's acceptable.


Others might chip in here about the Auralic?

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