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Projector noise reduction

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Ok so after doing a search on here it seems as though no one has had any issues with noisy projectors!  (unlikely)...

So Im just wondering what methods people have employed to reduce the noise?

I took mine out and blew it out a day or two ago which has reduced the fan speed but it really takes away from the sound when you have a whirring in the back ground.

I see a few on Youtube have used a box with baffles and sound deadening foams to reduce noise but that is ugly as hell.


My thought process at the moment is running a 100 or 150mm duct to the top of the projector (wont be seen as ceiling mounted on a custom built shelf) and remotely running an inline fan with speed control.  Having the motor draw out air from a distance away, (in the ceiling) would keep the noise right down to almost negligable and provide great cooling effect.


Any other options people use or thoughts on the above would be appreciated.

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