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Digital Cinema install

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HA HA HA must be the WORST way to advertise your company.. sham merchants.


who the hell places side surrounds at the top of the wall? also this shows why those stupid ust projectors are for tv rooms and not Ht rooms. if you want one then just do a phantom center otherwise a waste of time and money.

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22 hours ago, idrabble said:

Check out the centre speaker location at 1m:37s

I just asked my 15 year old daughter to have a look at the location of the front speakers and tell me what she thought was wrong and she immediately identified the problem.


I am Speechless....

Sadly most people out there wouldn't care or notice.

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Maybe; these short comings were discussed with the customer before hand and the customer accepted them,

or, maybe; the customer dictated where the speakers, projector etc should be placed.

I deal with customers and their homes a lot; and sometimes 'what they want' is 'what they want'!


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HEY, back off folks, that's my house.




Well, not really.  Thank-goodness.  The 5 drill holes and magnet looks like 4 test holes then "okay, okay, I'll use the magnet in my pocket".


Blinds drawn and lamp on...good one!  


@Gee Emm yep, plenty of wives customers dictating what goes where, colour, size...  🤣  but certainly not an install I'd publish as a showcase.

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unfortunately also another "back to the wall" setup too... a couch thats far too huge for the room.. end ups blocking the speakers and leaves no where to put rears or make possible a proper atmos 3D audio setup which could have been done ? 


builders dont help either .. looks like a new built with your typical "media room" that should have probably been an old school study .. looks about big enough :D looks like a window behind the couch too ..what a mess of a room


its beggars belief the installs i see with centre speakers down near floor firing at peoples shins .. let alone ankles in this case :D 


the problem here is exacerbated with using a ultra short throw (UST) projector.. these things by default have to go right where the centre speaker should have gone.. with those you can potentially wall mount them above the centre but that would have been too much an ask or just going a conventional ceiling mounted projector ? perhaps that would have removed the special upsell of screen needed for the UST projector.


i always recommend folks go see a specialist store for doing rooms like this ... hopefully get some decent advise and good end result.. not sure helps in this case..


but then there are some places best stayed away from...

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