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RIP Robbie Robertson & Sixto Rodriguez!

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That’s so sad to read such things, ….of the era that real artists with real instruments made real music !
No auto tune then. 

R.I.P. Robbie 🙏

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Sadly I missed Sixto quite a few years ago playing at a local in Richmond, tried to rebook his last tour but was cancelled due to ill health.😢

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When I went traveling in my 20's I only had about 5 cassettes - and two of those were Cold Fact and Coming from Reality. They were really worn by the time I ended up somewhere...



Sugar man you're the answer
That makes my questions disappear
Sugar man 'cos I'm weary
Of those double games I hear

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I saw Rodriguez when he played Dallas Brooks Hall in Melb in 1979.  Great show.  Read an account of the tour (unfortunately it disappeared from the internet) which described it as being his first tour, and he was throwing up outside the hall with nerves before he walked on stage.  Saw him a few times since (unfortunately not the tour backed by Midnight Oil), had hoped he would start to compose and record new material.  But the 2.5 studio albums he released are a legacy not to be ashamed of (and I've never seen a copy of Alive recorded in Sydney 1979). 


Sad to hear Robbie Robertson's passing.  Was recently listening to How to be Clairvoyant.  The Band certainly created a lot of magic, on their own and with others. 


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RIP Robbie and Rodriguez - 2 candles lit in memory of their talent.


I just re-watched "Searching for Sugerman"...what an amazing and uplifting but at the same time sad tale of great talent not sufficiently recognised.


I was fortunate to see Rodriguez live a few years ago in Brisbane - an amazing gig! He was clearly sight impaired and had to be helped onto and off stage, but his voice and playing was just like his albums I've been listening to for 30 years - in my top 5 concerts of all time!


These greats live on - as their music will not be forgotten!



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