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EOI: Yamaha A-S2200

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Item Condition: A+
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Toowoomba
State: QLD
Payment Method: Paypal F&F, EFT
Reason for selling: Not used

Further Information

I wonder if somebody would be interested on getting this Yamaha A-S2200 amplifier in an as new condition and at a good price.

Current model in market.

I bought it new from Living Sound Brisbane.

First owner, no smoking, kids etc

All accessories and packing material.






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Nooo.... I literally took delivery of a brand new R-N2000A yesterday and I was agonising between it and the AS2200.  Would have bought yours for sure only if you posted earlier.  The R-N2000A is based on the lessor model AS1200 and already sound so good right off the bat I am thinking maybe I should've gone for the AS2200 as I really like the Yamaha sound.  They weren't kidding when they say the mosfets sounds like tubes.  So smooth and musical.   Well, I just have to enjoy the inbuilt streamer, DAC and HDMI in the meantime.  They are really really good on initial listening.  So silent and really opened up my Harbeth bookshelf speakers.  GLWTS!

PS.  For people who are wondering about the headphone section, it's fantastic sounding (clarity + holographic) with ZMF Verite Closed.  Also try speaker out with the Susvara and it's mega.  Not going to use the Susvara with anything else from now on 🙂

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I can back up your comments. 

I had owned tube amps before the Yamaha, and the first time I connected it to my tube amp speakers, I was impacted by its midrange glow, and focused images. The voices, they really stand out - I remember was a Rolling Stones song that first one and I felt as if Mick Jagger was there in the room 🙂

Bass is great - some of the reasons voices carry weight and emotion.

Highs are clear and balance the whole frequency.

I also used it to drive a pair of demanding headphones (in my case the Abyss 1266 headphones) from the speakers taps, and the Yamaha made it really easy with its two speakers outputs and the selector at the front for me to connect them and my speakers at the same time and just flip between them with the A - B selector. The Abyss were driven to their full potential by the Yamaha.

The headphone output is good, I use it to drive a pair of Sennheiser HD800S, and love the ability to use control tone to do small adjusts based on what I am listening to.


I am sure your R-N2000A is great, and shares the qualities of the A-S2200. There is always a practical advantage in all in ones over separates.


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You've put it in words much better than me 🙂   Loving it so far and it's only been a couple of days.  I have tried speaker B out with Susvara, ZMF VC, and Focal Utopia 2022 and it's the best I've heard for them so far.  No noise or gain issues whatsoever.  Instant soundstage and more air/clarity from the speaker out when compared with the Yamaha headphone out.  Really happy with my purchase.  Someone is going to have a really good time with the AS2200 🙂 

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With a RRP of $5199 which I paid for my Yamaha A-S2200 this is a fabulous opportunity to own one of the best Integrated Amplifiers available. GLWTS

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