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Steely Dan ABC/MCA Catalogue - 180g & 200g LP Reissue Series

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Anyone else interested or collecting these re-issues? I'd be grateful to get some opinions if any have bought the first two records in their catalogue released so far, "Thrill" & "Ecstascy" The third release, Pretzel Logic is due for release in a few days on July 28. 


More info here Geffen/UMe


Review - Analogue Planet - Can't Buy A Thrill - 180g vinyl



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I have the Analogue Productions 45rpm UHQR pressing of CBAT and I have the Speakers Corner Records pressing as well.
CBAT is a favourite of mine and was interested to check out the UHQR version.
Compared to the Speakers Corner I dont find it any better or any worse, just a bit different.

But if I was only allowed to keep one it would be the Speakers Corner.


Discogs Speakers Corner version


Discogs UHQR version



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