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Learned SNA’ers

To eliminate the need for a cumbersome 5 meter headphone chord I am looking for a suitable Bluetooth transmitter with rca connection via my preamp and also to new Bluetooth headphones. ($500 budget)


Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks in anticipation.



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1 hour ago, Neo said:

Would be looking at this from a reputable manufacturer 




Are you suggesting Nuheara is not a "reputable manufacturer"? 


I was mindful of the OP's budget when making a recommendation. One uses the older aptX codex (Nuheara @ $34.50) whereas the Sennheiser (@$149,95 and designed for use predominantly with TV applications) uses aptX Low Latency (only really a benefit for gaming) - but neither use aptX-HD which would offer better sound quality again. They would also still require the adaptor I suggested above with either. Without spending a substantial amount more, a wired connection is going to beat both these options as far as sound quality goes. Though we don't know which headphones or what the source is yet, which is really the start point and end point of this discussion so we can offer advice correctly for the things in between.

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The headphones I am considering are the Sony WH1000xm4. Not the greatest I suppose however going for the Nuhear I would get it all for my allocated budget.

Fyi upstream is a valve pre 3 inputs (M Houston) with phono, cdp, ifi streaming into topping e30 dac.




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High res Bluetooth developments


From a mailing list I’m on. The Thor mentioned is Thorsten Loesch wizz kid designer ex iFi Audio, one very smart dude. With an adapter iPhones will work with this system apparently.


< here's a product announcement on LHDC published by audioxpress the same day as Thor's message. seems interesting, especially in the context of what T. wrote:




Regards Ian

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