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I’ve always been fascinated by technology and immersive experiences. I built my first set of speakers at 15 from a collection of broken stereo components when most stereo systems looked like pieces of furniture. I went the way of home theater — now with 14 surround sound speakers. But 5 years ago a cousin introduced me to B&W and my world turned. Since then, I have suffered from long stretches of upgraditis, enjoyed fiddling with the system almost as much as listening to music, and have read to get educated. I have a decent system that almost suits me, meaning that I have a wide, deep, and surrounding soundstage with two 3-ways and four subs, a clean, clear sound, and a combination of streaming components that, more than sometimes makes me feel that the artist is six feet in front of me. I know that cables make a difference because I’ve heard the difference. I believe that two people listening to the same song on the same system can hear two different things and they’re both right. I can’t afford Evolution Accoustics MM7 or even Wilson Audio and am not sure I’d splurge if I could. But I do love working on my system so it approaches what I believe I’d hear on those speakers. I’d prefer all us meet in a room and chat but given the rarity of the hobby, I look for the opportunity to share discoveries and read about them with similar minded people across the internet. And so it starts.

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