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Cheers all! I don't really think of myself as an audophile, mostly because the entry fee is so dang high: I just can't imagine spending more on speaker cables than I did for my house ($12,500 in 2003). But I enjoy reading stuff about speakers and speaker building (thank you, Steve Deckert at Decware, and Danny Ritchie at GR Research), and I'm learning, and someday, maybe, I'll be able to build something worth listening to.
This seems to me like a good place to be. Smart blokes and friendly folks.

So, here are my stats: born, 1959. Married to one gnarlywife for 30 years, and what a blessing she is to me, yes sir. Five gnarlykids, four grown, one gone to glory in 2009. He was 17. That hurt pretty bad. No gnarlygrands as of yet, but we keep hoping and praying.

My gear is not very impressive: a Z-Kit (the DIY version of Decware's 2 watt SET tube amp) sitting on my desk hooked to my Mac and a pair of Recession Buster loudspeakers built from a kit purchased from Maddisound a few years back. It's a smallish bass reflex 2-way using Vifa drivers and a pre-built crossover. Nothing special, but it doesn't hurt my ears near as much as the floor-standing 3-ways I built years ago from mostly Radio Shack parts. Ouch!

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Thanks doogie44...er, David. Not real sure what to call you. Anyhow, thanks for the kind welcome. Yeah, Steve Deckert is pretty awesome. I also built one of his sub designs: the Deathbox, a smallish 10" bandpass that produces amazing volumes of bass in my sanctuary/living room. Did I mention I live in an old church?

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