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Insignia NS-B2111 Speaker mod's

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I've had this pair of NS-B2111 Speakers in my collection since 2010, and recently pulled them out to enjoy some patio music. Upon setting them up I find one of the drivers is not working. Turns out that the + wire connection at the speaker was slightly corroded and not making good contact.
So, after breaking down both speakers and cleaning up all the connections, I'm tempted to perform the mod's that were well discussed when these guys first hit the marketplace.

I've been able to find some of the crossover options on the web, but I recall reading bout cabinet mod's that don't seem to be popping up on my google machine.

Any help with links would be outstanding!




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it was something to do with using some heavy adhesive caulking type stuff to fill up the the inside of the cabinet, but the mods for these do seem to be suffering a bit of internet memory loss 🙂


mentioning as I'm clearing out a pair I never got around to modding, so was hunting through the site.




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