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KEF LS50W issues

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Hello all.


I need some help.  I was demoing this speaker to a possible buyer when everything cut out.


It was plugged to computer via usb, computer charger seems to not charge anymore and even a new charger doesn't charge. So seems like something fried there. My worry is that it fried something on my speaker through the usb input :(


Speaker blinks source selection, Bluetooth and volume down buttons blink together, which on the manual says:

it means the Left speaker is not connected.

Check if the Left speaker is powered up.

Check if the interspeaker cable is connected.

Check if the interspeaker cable is wrongly plugged to the LAN port     After checking the above, power off and on the system



None of the above issues seem to be the problem. I do hear some clicking inside the speaker which is the click it does when powering ON normally. But it attempts multiple times.


Then after some blinks on the display, I get a lot of loud static.


Please see video of the issue.





Any helps is appreciated :(

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