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Since 1965…

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I’ve been spinning records since 1965, and have never stopped! That was on my dad’s system, a new SS HH Scott StereoMaster receiver, Garrard Model 50 changer, Wharfdale W70C speakers. A Lab 80 was added in 1966. But that started my love of music, HiFi, turntables and records. In 1965 I became my dad’s “remote control” for changing records and adjusting volume. I inherited my folks records in 1998, 4,000+. My mother worked for Columbia Records pressing plant in California 1954-1967, and brought home free records nearly every day. She taught me how to handle records.


Now I refurbish tables, receivers and speakers. I have 160+ vintage cartridges. I dabble in digital, but my first love is the vinyl format.


Career-wise, I’m a reliability and maintainability engineer for NASA, Space Launch System (SLS).


I love discussing cartridges, styli, tables and changers, speaker repairs and refurbishing.  I’m not much into tubes.

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