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Security camera help please.

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Hello all


Need some help my head is going to explode.


Upgrading the security in my garage further.

Already has a alarm.


Now l want to put a security camera in it, and with all thats offered l lost track of what l want.


The garage is detached, when l walk out l switch off the power, but l do have a 20amp socket that goes back to the main board an is live all the time.

l have one dark ethernet cable available, wireless could be dodgy.


l was thinking.

Something that records offsite, has battery or solar and notifies me on my phone.


Any sugestions?



Confused Bruce

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I'm going to preface this by saying I am no expert.


Why not consider a google nest or ring cam?  If you have power to the shed an electrican should be able to hardwire in?




I got a hardwired google nest cam with floodlights and the wifi pickup is great.  Both (ring and nest) save off site for a pretty cheap monthly fee.


The footage seems pretty good to me and each has an app for real time viewing and alerts.

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Looking at a Google nest Cam, the battery version.

Will charge when l am in there.

Already have Google home.

3hrs with no subsrciption but will notifiy me.



regards Bruce

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