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LP12 3rd Party Power Supply Options

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Hi all


I purchased a new LP12 Majik several months ago and am thinking about upgrading my power supply.  The Majik power supply is fine but it doesn't allow for speed change.  I appreciate that Linn makes their own high end power supplies but they are very expensive.  I have been reading about the Valhalla Zeus power supply, which looks great, but I'm wondering if there are other options out there that would be better for similar money.  Any thought in the community on this?

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25 minutes ago, TS23 said:

The first one is Edmund’s. 
I’ve bought a lot of his products and they’re all fantastic. He’s a gentleman and very passionate. 
email him direct 



edit: may be an old email address also uses 




Looks like he has moved to the UK from HK 

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I have 2 LP12's one with an outboard Zeus power supply and the other with a Mober DC system. Zeus is better speed is about pitch-perfect. You can't go wrong with the Zeus.

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