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Elektra Theatre HD2 Power Amplifier

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Item Condition: Trade in, excellent physical condition and function
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Notting Hill
State: VIC
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Reason for selling:

Further Information: 

Location: Class A Audio, 8/585 Blackburn Rd, Notting Hill, VIC, 3168. phone (03) 8555 0735


Australian designed & manufactured 7 Channel Power amplifier.
The Elektra Theatre HD2 completes the audio system chain, for a full HD Audio visual experience.
Currently the only true High Definition multi-channel amplifier which has been specifically designed to deliver all the audio engineering that has been included as part of your movie and surround sound home theatre system.
This means you hear all the movie sound tracks as the studio mastering engineers intend; clearly and without distortion.
Designed for the ultimate music and movie surround sound experience, the Elektra Theatre HD2 7-channel power amplifier delivers power and detail, and is rated at 190W per channel into 8 ohms.
The Elektra Theatre HD2 achieves extremely low distortion across the entire audio band 20 to 20Khz.
Elektra products are hand-built in Melbourne Australia by Arthur Rappos; crafted from custom components and specially selected, highly reliable, audio grade components - matched in the final assembly.
Unique construction techniques and new circuit designs in the input and output stage consist of two modules, physically separated to isolate nonlinear magnetic fields from the output stage interfering with the input stage.
Separating the input and output stage is a feature that enables the Theatre HD2 to eliminate induced noise and interference caused by magnetic and electric fields, achieving ultra low distortion and high definition audio performance that is perceivable and measurable by an order of magnitude.
The power supply features a high current potted low noise toroidal power transformer along with high power (80V DC) filter capacitors with a total 40,000uF capacitance.
Unique current feedback discrete power amplifier output stage reduces distortion produced by the output transistors by an order of magnitude - the main source of distortion in Class A/B amplifiers and dramatically increases the damping which dramatically improves the control of the speaker drivers for more powerful bass performance.
The stage also features a high slew rate and wide operating bandwidth to help extract the most detail from today's high resolution audio formats.
The output devices are mounted directly on our unique cast aluminium alloy heat sink assembly. The massive heat sinks feature multiple ribbed fins that provide a large passive cooling area, eliminating fan noise.
For maximum connectivity, the Elektra Theatre HD2 features both unbalanced (RCA) and balanced (XLR) inputs, and each amp channel can be configured to use your choice of input connector. The loudspeaker terminals feature audiophile-grade construction, and are gold-plated for maximum signal transfer, and they can easily handle a wide range of audiophile speaker cable connectors.
The Elektra HD2 case is solidly constructed, integrating the heat sinks as part of the structural assembly. This makes the housing mechanically rigid and provides isolation from extraneous noise, all elegantly finished in textured anodised matt black.
Craftsmanship, innovative design and construction together with reputable sales and support mean that you will be very happy with your purchase demonstrated by an unforgettable home entertainment experience.


Power per Channel (Watts RMS)
7 Channel at 8 ohms 190
7 Channel at 6 ohms 225
Dynamic Power (Watts RMS)
8 Ohms 200
4 Ohms 400
Total Harmonic Distortion THD  @1Khz < 0.0003%
THD  <0.001% 20-20Khz
Frequency Response 3Hz - 250 kHz. +0,-3 dB
S/N Ratio 111 dB




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