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Dali Rubicon 2 Integrated Amp Pairing/ Upgrade advice

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Hey guys, 


Looking for opinions on finally upgrading to an integrated amp in my current setup. 


Current Setup: 

- Basic phono premp, Project Debut pro, Marantz SR8300AV Receiver, Dali Rubicon 2 Speakers


Was looking to spend around $2500-$3000, probably used if possible, which I realise will be a big upgrade on what I've got currently!

Haven't been able to demo any as of yet.


On the list to Demo 

- Hegel H120

- NAD 388

- Rega Elicit R older model( considering one used for $2400)

- Music fidelity M5si or equivalent

- Roksan K3


Let me know your thoughts?



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Given they are 4 ohm and looking at that list Id run with the Hegel. The Musical Fidelity will drive them well but wont give you the neutral drive that the Hegel will.

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