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Dali Rubicon 2 Integrated Amp Pairing/ Upgrade advice

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Hey guys, 


Looking for opinions on finally upgrading to an integrated amp in my current setup. 


Current Setup: 

- Basic phono premp, Project Debut pro, Marantz SR8300AV, Dali Rubicon 2 Speakers


Was looking to spend around $2500-$3000, probably used if possible, which I realise will be a big upgrade on what I've got currently!

Haven't been able to demo any as of yet.


On the list to Demo 

- Hegel H120

- NAD 388

- Rega Elicit R older model( considering one used for $2400)

- Music fidelity M5si or equivalent

- Roksan K3


Let me know your thoughts?











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Hi. I’ve owned and sold Dali speakers (Epicon 6).

They like a lot of current. I’ve heard the rubicon 8 with MF M8 and they sounded fantastic. The only one I’d absolutely rule out would be the rega.

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My setup is Rubicon 2 with Hegel 95 (bought it used from here). TV and Chromecast Audio connected via Optical to Hegel. Streaming from Tidal to Hegel directly (Airplay / iPad) or via external Chromecast (Android phone).


The sound is very organic and easy listening. If you are a bass type then it will not suit you. The biggest change from a nad class D amp was the soundstage on Hegel, its like you are at a live concert and I really enjoy it. 


Initially I thought that Hegel will not have enough power to drive them but in 90% of time the volume sits at 30-50% and I never listened higher than 70%.


Takes 5 seconds to start from standby.

The last update of Hegel firmware allow to stream Airplay 2 and use external TV remote to control it's volume. 


Bought Hegel Remote app (not official) and it is perfect to turn it on, set volume and source when streaming from tidal/phone.


Let us know what you got in the end :).


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