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Systemdek II : missing bracket (cover arm)?

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Hello from Vienna in Austria (Europe).

I set up my old Systemdek II again and put it successfully into operation. Everything is running almost perfectly and I am very happy about that.

I have only one thing not found: the metal arm (bracket?) to which you can fix the plexiglass cover. I searched the whole apartment and the basement ... but unfortunately I can't find this thing. Of course, you can no longer buy it either. And since I have no dimensions, I can not rebuild it of course.


→ Is there anyone here who has one unused bracket? Or a source where I can get one?


Pictures attached.

Thanks to all. Looking forward to feedback. 


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I doubt that you would be able to find another.  However, it doesn't look as if it would be too complicated to make yourself.  A strip of aluminium could be purchased from a hardware store.  You can drill the mounting holes, and then experiment bending it so you get the shape, there isn't anything too complicated.  The brackets to hold the hinge could be made from thinner aluminuim, and bolted onto the al strip.  If you aren't confident doing this yourself, it would be an easy job for a small metal engineering workshop to make for you. 

Good luck


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