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nbn router modem

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 any recommendations  for a reliable nbn FTTN router modem,must have phone port
it is not for gaming and i am single user not shared with heaps of devices,you can google for this but most are just trying to sell a particular brand or product,just thought that any one here may have had good experience with a reasonably priced router modem,



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Hi Ray, if you have a poor quality FTTN service I'd recommend the TG799vac, it has a great reputation for getting the best out of FTTN lines and uses a high quality Broadcom chipset. 

They were made by Technicolor and sold by Telstra as the Gateway Max Wireless Modem Router.

This is now an old device and a very basic router. You can get them from ebay for about $50 new in the box.


If your not using Telstra as your provider, maybe this isn't the device for you. I'm not sure you will be able to get voice working on this device with another service provider. These routers have Telstra specific firmware in them. 


This is what I run now, after trying many expensive routers on my problematic long FTTN line. I get 85/25 and I'm over 800m to the node. My previous routers couldn't get near this line sync. 


Feel free to PM me with your setup issues before you buy, I'm a retired IT guy with 35 years dealing with comms & networking.





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