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Mass Technologies Towers - MACA 200 Fundraiser

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Item Condition: good/VGC
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Padbury
State: WA
Payment Method: Cash, EFT
Reason for selling: NLR, Fundraising

Further information: 


100% (minus seller's fees) of selliing price donated to sponsor my ride.  


I will be doing the MACA 200km ride (https://www.cancer200.org.au) again this year in the fall and am putting these up to help raise some funds toward my goal.  I have lost some people very close to me at young ages due to cancer, so it is a cause that is quite personal.  I did the ride for the first time last year and it is a great cause and an awesome experience.  Not very big on asking people for money, even if it is for charity, so figure this might a good way to raise some funds.


Great set of speakers from a Perth-based boutique high-end audio company, whose owner/designer since moved to Europe and has focused on amplifiers/crossovers.  These are very high quality speakers with one channel of amplification per driver for 8ch of amplification total.   These were originally the mains of a very high quality custom home theater system paired with Krell electronics (Around 25k at the time, with no amplification).   Only top notch drivers were used including Scanspeak and Dynaudio.    I will include a set of basic balanced XLR cables.  Really the amps or the speakers are worth close to the asking price, here you get both.  Speakers are in good condition, 100% functional except for 1 power switch which is stuck in on position. Mirrored piano black is still nice. Grills are in decent condition, not perfect but still 100% passable. I challenge you to find a amp/speaker combo at this price that would challenge the sound of these.  I have enjoyed these speakers but currently have no room to put them to use, so passing them on for someone else to enjoy and putting the money to a good cause.


Difficult to ship but will entertain, it won't be cheap though.


Feel free to make an offer, but remember it is for charity.  This may be the last time I post these as regrettably I need the space and I may part them out, which would be a travesty.


I will also welcome trades and would donate the funds myself up to the asking price.


Also included is an unbalanced RCA to balanced xlr converter so these can be run with any preamp.











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4 hours ago, phred505 said:

what's a fall?

"And when she talked about the fall
I thought she talked about Mark E Smith
I never understood at all..." Jens Lekman


Seriously though, back on topic, an awesome gesture and I would be very keen to listen to these if they were in Melbourne.


All the best for the sale and for the bike ride.


I know you said you don't want to ask people for money but is there a way we can we sponsor you if we're not in a position to buy these speakers?

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