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Paradigm Signature S4 V2 Speakers (*can deliver to Sydney)

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Item Condition: Fair
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Aranda
State: ACT
Payment Method: Cash on Pickup, EFT
Reason for selling: No longer using

Selling an amazing-sounding pair of Paradigm Signature S4 V2 speakers, with Atacama SL450 stands.


* I am in Canberra but will be in Sydney weekend after next, and can deliver there then if not sold beforehand.


Many Paradigm fans are lamenting the demise of the now-gone Signature line - the V2 in particular provided an amazing value for the price when new.


The condition of the speakers is only fair.  I have owned these since brand new circa around 2011 - I purchased them from a dealer in the USA, when I was there.  Unfortunately I subsequently suffered an audiophile's worst nightmare, when they arrived in transit back to me in the ACT slightly damaged; both tweeters had their tweeter covers pushed in; one severely, the other just a dimple.


Thankfully, my heart attack was spared when I hooked them up - they sounded as beautiful and perfect as they did back in the US.  The damage had no impact on the sound.


Thereafter, my then-baby daughter managed to knock one off it's stand and the result was a 1-inch wide chip out of the woodwork on top, and the grille cloth on the speaker slightly coming away.


Finally, as I am a lifelong cable nut, I have used aftermarket jumpers and/or biwire speaker cables on these since new - through a few house moves over the last 10+ years, I have unfortunately not been able to find the stock-jumpers that come with the speakers (connecting the tweeter/woofer posts ; note their absence in the pics).  Therefore the buyer will need either biwire speaker cables with these or just purchase yourself a pair of jumpers from your local hifi store - they are very inexpensive.  (Aftermarket jumpers sound WAY better than the stock jumpers on these anyway).


My asking price includes the jewel in the crown : a pair of Atacama SL450 speaker stands ($500).  I did not buy the Paradigm stands as they were way too tall for my listening environment.


The Atacama SL450's columns have been filled with a 50/50 mix of lead shot and sand - an absolute pain for me to buy and organise, but the sound results were sure worth it.  The sound quality result from the S4's on the Atacama's is incredible vs. without them, due to the absolute isolation created by the weight - yes, the result is the stands are very heavy (with the spikes underneath, no bare feet when moving these or you'll be off to hospital with one wrong move!)


I would prefer to keep the stands. 




I am happy to sell the speakers alone for a reduced price.  Happy to discuss over PM.


PS - ignore the mismatched colour of the grilles in the pics - they are identical in colour.  (The ceiling light is just shining directly over 1 speaker).


Pickup in ACT.





















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