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Klipsch The Nines Powered Bluetooth Speakers Review

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I'm a bit confused about the use of DSP. The review says the better the source the better they sound. If your doing analogue to digital conversion to use DSP then sending that to a dac, dosent that then limit everything then to the performance of the inbuilt dac ? How does that relate to vinyl especially? I'm trying to think what vinyl would sound like going through a DSP then a dac or why you'd want to ? I fully understand built in dac with digital input, but how do you pick analogue sources to match knowing that there going through A/D conversion??


I was with a buddy recently looking at pa speakers. One thing I noticed was that for every passive vs active model of the same, the active had a higher max spl. So no matter how much external power on tap into the passive, the manafactuers all rated their powered versions at higher peak spl. Everyone of them also had built in DSP. Do passive xovers really rob that much power? I don't think they do.


My guess is because digital crossover has a sharper roll off so it can play louder overall by cutting low fqs better and that is all 🤷‍♂️


I've been looking for a pair of active standmounts for a while and still none seem tick the boxes ..these look good and I'm sure they sound great though.

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