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I welcome the Stereonet community from Hungary, Europe.
   I'm looking for where the border is between good sound and acceptable sound quality for the rest of life time. I can't find an equal: if I hear a better voice, my demand also increases. My wallet has not been able to keep up with my needs for a long time, so I started digital amplifier development roughly 15 years ago out of technical curiosity too. It is fed with an SPDIF signal and has a direct speaker output. Purely digital, there is no analog amplifier or DA converter. The third prototype currently accepts 16-bit 44.1KHz signals and performs linear interpolation to 88.2KHz while running, so that it is not necessary to use a strong low pass filter at 20KHz (according to Shannon's law), which would destroy the phase. In the future, I plan to build a 24-bit 196KHz PWM modulator with curve interpolation, and even later I plan to build a digital crossover also.
   I heard the first quality sound in 1975, as a sound technician, at Hungarian Television from a mono sound system installed in a 1957 German black-and-white TV broadcast car. "Ramaya" disco song was played from a Telefunken tape recorder on a built-in tube amplifier and no-name audio monitor. The interesting feature of the big studio tape recorder was that the tape was flipped in the opposite direction to the usual one, with the magnetic layer facing outwards, as the recording and playback heads were on the other side of the tape. It was unusual in that sound system had very little distortion even out loud. The midrange was very attractively in one . It was exceptionally pleasant to listen to, it was a decisive sound experience.

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