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Heyo, just starting my audio journey.


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How's it going? My name's Patrick and I've recently come into this hobby in the last few years. I'm a bit younger than most people that are in this hobby. I never even knew about this hobby until I moved.

I met my great neighbor who had emotiva gear and a pair of Gallos that looked stunning and to my untrained ears at that point sounded magnificent. I couldn't even stand the sound of my tv anymore. That night I went out on Facebook and found a pair of Klipsch r-15m and a Yamaha receiver for $100. It was bright and harsh but leagues above what a TV could do.

Over time I saved up and looked and watched more and more reviews absorbing all the knowledge I could. Who knew there was so much to this one hobby?

Subsequently a while, my neighbor upgraded to a pair of magnapan panel speakers and it blew my mind again with so much depth and detail it was insane. So after a few months, I came across a review for the magnat transpuls 1500 and I just knew I had to get them. For a drive to New York and 400 dollars, I had them that week. And dear God the sound that they made was fantastic.

But you may have noticed I still hadn't updated my source. So I had come to see another review for a fully integrated solution. The loxjie a30 did a damn good job for less than $200. 

And I was happy with that sound for a while. Although the power output was lacking I could live with that for a long time.

A year or so goes by and I found my system lacking, with my neighbor upgrading his system I got the bug again, and I needed to upgrade. That's when I saw it. The willsenton r8 tube amplifier raving reviews from multiple channels that I watched. And a dac that pairs with it is the denfrips Aries 2. For just over 2 grand I could have a system that kills for its price. I jumped right on it with my savings. My future be damned I will have that sound!

At the end of September this year, the willsenton r8 arrived and it was heavy as hell for my back. But once it was installed it looked downright beautiful and sounded as good as it looked. The soundstage was incredible, depth was outstanding although the resolution was still lacking the detail just wasn't there. Until I did some research on the magnat transpuls, the crossover inside of them is ****. So I did some more digging and found an upgrade kit for them. Time for DIY. After an afternoon of figuring out how to solder and getting the old capacitors out and the higher-quality ones in bam instantly better. I fell in love with my system. And to this day that is where I am at.

I currently have a denefrips DAC with a willsenton r8 integrated and magnat transpuls 1500 with an upgraded crossover. And now the adventure of tube rolling! But hey I would be glad to join the forums and learn even more! If you would have me. 

Don't tell my neighbor I said this but now he's jealous of my system and he has 25 years of experience over me!


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@Xhellun, Great story Patrick, moral of this story for me is you don't need years of experience to put together a system with great "synergy". Your ears are the most individual characteristic when judging sound that suits you specifically. Don't be put off by people who claim to be more experienced in judging sound and will know what is better or you?, from their experience!. Congratulations on your outcome, enjoy it as long as you can. I had a system for 22yrs, only changed when my amp blew up and was beyond repair. It has taken a while to find nirvana again, but i am there again, till the next time

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Great story of yours Patrick and thank you so much for sharing it all with us.


We all started somewhere and most of us have got better systems as time went on which has enhanced our appreciation and enjoyment-just like you are doing now. Good stuff. Keep enjoying and improving your system as you see fit and when ready.


You have a hobby for life which can in turn be shared with others, again, as in your experience. Keep us posted.




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