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Format Question.

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G'day all,


I'm curious as to whether a Panasonic UB9000 will allow me to play an exFAT formatted USB drive of 2Tb?


I have moved house and the new place means that the thousands of apartments around me mean that MKV using the VLC app skip constantly and audio is out of sync.  Qucktime is fine over Airplay, but the rest just sucks.


I have a PS5, but the controller sucks as a remote and I never play any games, so I'm thinking of the UB9000 as a change and I can use my Harmony remote and hopefully avoid skipping and the like.  


I'm open to any other suggestions as well.  I have a much smaller DVD collection that I once had, but I would still like a high level of playback for when my smaller silver vinyl needs a play on a fancy laser machine.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Tim

This might help   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems

As we can see Exfat is good for file size but other parameters you might find you need, are lacking. 

compared to other file systems.


I could not find a user manual online straight away, but if you find one,  that might give you your answer


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From the Manual






USB devices
(up to 4 TB)


USB device
≥ Connect a USB device while the HOME menu
is displayed.
≥ This unit does not guarantee connection with all
USB devices.
≥ This unit does not support USB device
≥ FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems
are supported.
≥ The USB port on the front of the unit supports
USB 2.0 High Speed and the USB port on the
rear of the unit supports USB 3.0 Super-Speed.
≥ The USB port on the rear of the unit supports an
HDD formatted in FAT32 and NTFS. If the HDD
is not recognized, the power to the HDD may
not be supplied. Supply power from an external
≥ It is not possible to use two USB devices
simultaneously. ( 38)
≥ For playback of 4K videos stored on a USB
device, use USB 3.0 port on rear of the unit and
USB device conforming to USB 3.0


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